Lostcode\'s Horsemarks

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Horsemarks are metal hook-style bookmarks in the colors of the silks of your favorite horse. The hook part of the bookmarks is about 3.5 inches long and is made of Tibet silver. The beads are various gemstones, pearls, Tibet silver, and sterling silver, while the race horse charm at the end is pewter. I have already made a few that will cover the favorites of many fans which are pictured to the right:

I will also make custom horsemarks to match the silks of your choice. Please contact me with your color choices and specifications first before ordering to be sure I have the materials needed.

Order your horsemark for $10.00 US, which includes shipping to the US or Canada, here with payment via PayPal or credit card.

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In addition to the pewter race horse which I have used on all the ones above, I also have several Tibet silver charms which can be used instead (shown below). Just request a custom horsemark if you prefer one of these.

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